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Merchant Cash Advance

Fast Cash Advance Loans Up to $250,000

Obtain immediate money to grow your business with a merchant cash advance from Intelagy Merchant Services.  Whether you want to purchase equipment, hire staff, expand or renovate your space, or simply want to set up an emergency fund, our fast cash advance loans can give you the working capital you need.

Why Apply for an Intelagy Merchant Cash Advance?

Don't let lack of cash affect the growth of your business.  Our merchant cash advance solutions are the easy, quick and hassle-free bank loan alternative.
•    No collateral required
•    Financial statements and audited tax returns are not required
•    No application fees
•    FREE Easy application and fast approval
•    No fixed payment amount or payment schedule
•    Simple repayment via small percentages of future credit card payment receipts
•    Low credit scores do not mean automatic denial

Who Can Benefit From a Merchant Cash Advance?

Intelagy has fast merchant cash advance loan options for:
•    Small businesses
•    Businesses with poor credit
•    Companies in need of alternative financing, working capital and increased cash flow

Invest in Your Business with a Merchant Cash Advance from Intelagy

Contact Intelagy Merchant Services today to discuss your working capital requirements and we'll help you obtain the money you need fast.  

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