intelagy Corp ( today announced that it had entered into a contract with a leading provider of toll-free inbound and outbound 800 numbers which will enable intelagy to meet another one of its critical service goals.

Kevin Kading, intelagy’s Chairman and CEO, observed that this was another critical point of the overall intelagy objective; the ability to provide a cost-effective, single source solution for all of the various needs of the typical small to mid-sized business. As the Company has observed, while Internet presence is still the most critical aspect of the 21st Century business model, telephony has not been completely eliminated. Customers, the Company noted, still need a simple means of contacting businesses, since some issues require traditional means of contact. This service will also give intelagy’s customers yet another means for tracking its customers for marketing and satisfaction purposes.

The intelagy concept has been designed to address all of the myriad needs faced by small to mid-sized businesses in what has become a hypercompetitive environment. intelagy has reiterated its commitment to providing customers with all of the essential tools required to remain competitive and profitable, in the most cost effective platform yet available.

For further information, contact: Intelagy at 800-489-0544