intelagy corp ( announced today that it had entered into a licensing and cross-marketing agreement with, a leading online community site that combines features found in sites such as Yelp (reviews), social media connections like Facebook and Twitter, reservations like Open Table and and couponing, like Groupon into one easily accessible point of contact. As a result of this strategic alliance, intelagy customers will automatically become featured businesses on JJList, enabling them to effectively and successfully reach a localized target market.

JJList is an online community connecting business owners and patrons. Business owners may list their business, post pictures, menus, promos and participate in exciting events. Patrons may List’em, Love’em, Hate’em, or Rate’em. JJList provides real people, in real time, with real opinions. Among its other advantages are the ability to make reservations, set an appointment, see local events and community announcements, or find a doctor, lawyer, restaurant and more. Opinions are presented to a very targeted audience.

intelagy Chairman and CEO Kevin Kading described the agreement as another step in providing intelagy’s customers with the exciting, brand centric marketing that intelagy is committed to delivering; the simplest, most cost effective means of capitalizing on the potentialities online marketing, coupled with the benefits that accrue from taking full advantage of the multi-layered platform intelagy has designed for its customers – a single, cost effective solution created to meet each customer’s individual needs.

As Mr. Kading observed, until the creation of intelagy, there hasn’t been a single source for all of the multiple, critical needs facing small to mid-sized businesses in the increasingly complex 21st Century business model. intelagy’s partnership with JJList clearly addresses one of these.

For further information, contact: Intelagy at 800-489-0544