intelagy corp. ( today confirmed the launch of its new customer dashboard. Kevin Kading, intelagy’s chairman and CEO noted that it was another example of intelagy’s commitment to putting its customers at the forefront. “intelagy customers now have the ability to log into intelagy’s website and get first hand access to our strategies, and, more importantly, our results”. Of critical importance is that, in one simple login, intelagy customers now have the ability to obtain full vicinity statistics, reporting and live response from intelagy staff.

Other business models, noted Kading, require small and mid-sized business owners to monitor and manage multiple portals: their website, their numerous social media points of contact, their search engine results, and so forth. All of this, he observed, took the typical business owner hours of time, time better suited to doing what the business owner knows best: running her business.

Now, said Kading, with this simple to use interface, intelagy customers have a is a unique, single source to see the results of their marketing campaigns, stay in touch with customers and otherwise monitor the ever more important digital image of their business. “Through serial cost aggregations, access to state of the art design, hosting and marketing strategies and resulting economies of scale, intelagy offers business owners an unmatchable value proposition”.

Said Kading: “intelagy is completely designed and dedicated to delivering a customized, simple, cost effective method that any business, regardless of size, can utilize to maximize the potentialities current marketing opportunities present.” “Our dashboard will enable our customers to see, and monitor, in real time, the results of this singular effort”.

For further information, contact: Intelagy at 800-489-0544