New York, NY: Intelagy Corp. is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Phantom Fiber Corporation, a publicly traded company (OTCMarkets; PHFB). Our acquisition will enable us to significantly expand our business and enhance our products and services through access to public capital markets.

Intelagy provides a unique, cost effective, one stop solution designed to address the myriad needs these market segments require to be an effective presence in the 21st Century business environment. We focus on the widely understood needs of this niche: effective Internet presence, online marketing, reputation management, and social media, as well as the more traditional aspects of successfully running a business- payment processing, access to working capital, telecommunications, printing, and the other mundane, but essential, needs of the average business.

All of these services are available, but only from multiple sources. Dealing with multiple vendors is not only time consuming it’s also expensive on many levels. The “ must have services” take the business owner’s time away from running the business (a cost itself) and are usually expensive. Single purpose sources must pass their costs of doing business on to their customers; Intelagy, however, by volume, can offer lower prices for all of these essential services, spreading its cost of services across multiple platforms and taking advantage of economies of scale.

Intelagy provides small to mid-sized businesses with a single, cost-effective solution designed to meet each customer’s individual needs. Intelagy assigns a team of specialists to each of its customers campaigns providing quality experiences and results which meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Intelagy has been meticulously designed to “bring business to businesses©”. There is currently no other effective, single source that has the ability or resources to deliver the multi-dimensional solutions intelagy offers.

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