Intelagy Corp. ( today announced the appointment of Lawrence C. McQuade to its Board of Directors.

Mr. McQuade brings over 40 years of distinguished service in both the public and private sectors to the Company. Having served under both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, Mr. McQuade moved on to a successful career in the business sector, including senior executive and Board of Director positions at W.R Grace & Company and Prudential Mutual Funds. In addition, he has served on the Board of Directors of Qualitas International, NNRF, Laredo National Bancshares, Bunzl PLC, Applied Bioscience, and many others.

Complementing his private sector work is his tireless devotion to public service. Mr. McQuade is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has been Director of the Overseas Development Council; Director, International Management & Development Institute; Director, Foreign Policy Association; Expert Advisor, UN Commission on Transnational Corporations; Co-Founder & Director, Asian Programs Foundation. Mr. McQuade is a graduate of Yale University {Phi Beta Kappa), Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar), and Harvard Law School.

For further information, contact: Intelagy at 800-489-0544