Small business owners know that foot traffic is essential to the success of a brick-and-mortar store. Increasing customer traffic equates to more customer engagement and sales opportunities that in turn equal increased revenue. This makes it all that much more important to continuously strive to increase foot traffic flow into your small business.

There are a number of ways that small business owners can improve foot traffic numbers. Increasing visits from existing customers, as well as, tapping into the pool of potential customers are essential in this equation. Here are some easy ways on how you can increase foot traffic into your small business location:

Curb Appeal

First impressions are lasting impressions and curb appeal can be a deal breaker when it comes to new customers. Curb appeal is often one of the most overlooked ingredients in creating an amazing customer experience.

Step outside and take a look at your storefront. What do you see? What do you think that your customers see? In order to effectively increase foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location, you must pay as much attention to the outside of your store as the inside. This is especially true during the holiday shopping season, when your competitors will be pulling out all of the stops to make their storefronts even more appealing.

Regular Maintenance


No one wants to walk into a store with peeling paint, dusty windows, burned out bulbs, overgrown weeds or even trash cans overflowing in the front. Staying on top of maintenance tasks and sprucing up your storefront can do wonders for your curb appeal.

Take a walk around your storefront and evaluate the physical state of the windows, doors and wall, and make note of anything that needs to be addressed. You can assign employees to perform lighter daily maintenance tasks, such as sweeping, cleaning windows and watering plants. Consider hiring a third party maintenance company for larger maintenance jobs, such as painting, replacing bulbs and repairing signage.

Creative Window Displays

Window displays are an excellent way to provide customers with a glimpse into your store and products, and ultimately, increase foot traffic through your doors. Get creative and think about what products you want to display and experiment with what looks best once you’re outside of the store.

Think outside of the box…or at least typical window displays by adding extra elements outside of your storefront. Well-placed flowers, plants and decorative benches are aesthetically pleasing, storefront elements that invite customers inside your business. Sandwich boards are also a great way to grab the attention of passersby. You can showcase daily specials or even have some fun by welcoming customers with a witty message.

Use Your Digital Resources

If utilized correctly, your digital tools and online traffic can effectively drive offline traffic right through your physical location’s doors. Planning an online initiative to drive offline traffic to your storefront is essential in increasing foot traffic and overall revenue.
Here are a few tips:

Social Media & Email

Keep your customers posted on in-store promotions and events via emails and your social media platforms. Sending exclusive customer incentives and offers for showing up in-store to your customer email list are a great way to invite your existing customers to your physical location. Another way to increase existing customer traffic is by posting “social media only” announcements and adding great pics and visuals of in-store activities.

Remember to target your posts based on your customers’ location, demographic information, and purchase history. If you are planning an event or sale at your specific physical location, you should concentrate on marketing to the customers in that area so that you don’t risk alienating customers that are located outside of the area.

In-Store Pickup

A recent survey reported that 75% of shoppers prefer to have their item shipped to a physical store location instead of shipped to their home or office. A whopping 45% of these shoppers surveyed said that they purchased additional items in-store while picking up their order.

Your e-commerce site can increase foot traffic to your physical location. Consider offering click-and- collect services as a part of a customer convenience initiative. This is an excellent way to increase foot traffic into your physical location, as well as, increase sales in the process.


In-store events are one of the best ways to increase foot traffic into your store because they offer experiences that customers cannot find online or in competitors’ stores. Consider cross marketing your in- store events with like-minded individuals, brands, organizations or businesses. Exclusive events, such as designer showcases or celeb appearances, are an amazing way to draw more traffic by way of offering something unique and growing your customer base with individuals and organization within your community.

Existing Customers

Increasing your new customer business is great, but it is important not to forget about your existing customers. Cultivating strong relationships with your customers promotes brand loyalty and, in turn, increases long term revenue.

Consider investing in a customer relationship management system (CRM) so that you can effectively communicate with your customers. In lieu of simply placing a “SALE” sign in the window, CRM systems allow small business owners to track and connect with their most loyal shoppers. That’s why it pays to maintain strong customer relationships. If you haven’t done so yet, invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system so you can communicate with shoppers more effectively.

A good CRM system allows you to see who your business’ best customers are and how they interact with your brand. This information allows you to properly plan more effective ways to reach your customer base and increase overall revenue.

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