Three Small Business Marketing Trends For Successful Growth Strategies

Keeping in step with the current small business marketing trends isn’t just a great asset to have have, but rather a strategic part of business survival in a world crowded with businesses. It is a necessity in creating a future and growth for your small business in lieu of simply focusing efforts on outdoing present-day competition.

Intelagy understands that staying current with marketing and technology trends is an essential element for their small to medium-sized business consumers to expand and flourish properly. The alternative funding leader also understands that while these necessities will pay off for the overall revenue and growth of your small to medium-sized business, staying ahead of the competition can be costly. Keeping that in mind, Intelagy is committed to supporting the needs of their small to medium-sized business clientele by providing information on current small business trends and assisting their clientele by way of offering alternative lending solutions to traditional banking.

Let’s take a look at a few small business marketing growth strategies for success:

Big Data for Small Businesses

Many small business owners have the misconception that this particular trend is simply a push to become data-driven. Under this thought process, small businesses and large corporations alike would be able to simply allow big data and a few select analytics tools to make all of their business related decisions. The majority of businesses do not have the high-end, big data tools, existing data culture or specialized staff on hand to make this a plausible scenario.

In reality, businesses with a strategy for success are pairing their data-born insights with their existing knowledge of applicable trends within their specific business niche and region. These businesses also implement easy-to-understand analytics tools that assist in making sense of the data to improve overall business strategy and success. This is a far more realistic approach that yields the safety and best results that don’t require an overly expensive IT overhaul or a large investment in something that will not heed a great return.

Be Mobile-Centric

Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps, and only 14% on the mobile versions of websites. With 72% of Americans checking their phones at least once per hour with 90% on apps, businesses with an online presence should consider adding a mobile app to their arsenal for success.

Studies have shown that apps increase consumer engagement and provide your business with much needed, customer data and, in turn, increases the ways that you effectively connect with your growing customer base. Mobile app design doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be done inexpensively and has proven to benefit even the smallest companies by growing brand awareness and increasing revenue.

You should ask for essentials only when designing an app for your business. The recipe for success with a mobile app is making the checkout process as simple as possible. In this case, simplicity equals success, so no redirections, misleading links, distractions or buttons. Consumers prefer a user-friendly design with bigger input fields and without any needless element. Immediacy is also a key factor in mobile purchasing. The mobile consumer wants to pay with a tap. This means purchasing should be reduced to one action.

Invest in Video Content

Video marketing has proven its value as an extremely powerful and compelling way to deliver interesting content and boost consumer loyalty. Recent research reflects that approximately 60% of consumers prefer to watch content instead of simply reading it.

This research has also shown that consumers prefer to receive content-based marketing messages rather than messages that are considered ad-based. Marketing with good content is considered informational and engaging, while ad-based messaging is considered interruptive and irritating to a large percentage of today’s consumers.

Video marketing can be done within the realms of a realistic small business budget. There are a number of creative ways to implement this marketing trend without attaching a major expense. The power of delivering video content continues to build momentum and is an essential addition to your business growth strategy.

What Can Intelagy Do For You?

Marketing & tech trends come and go, but in order to properly capitalize on growth, you must stay current. Mobile will continue to be entrenched within the business world, so be sure that your business is well- supported. Interested in what Intelagy can do for you? Visit www.Intelagy.com.